Saturday, April 22, 2006

Travelogue - Day Two

From Nashville, Tn to Urbana-Champaign, Il.
I-24W over Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois to I-57N. (St.Louis was oh so near!)

Starting Mileage 91578
Ending Mileage 91956
Total distance travelled 378

Nashville is a nice city - I got the chance to explore the downtown quite a bit after just catching a gimpse of Vanderbilt University. The country music hall of fame museum gives you a nice perspective about the how it all begun - and there are innumerable shops selling pretty much everything you can think of related to country music. After the museum, I walked around downtown - going into those old record stores and looking at the typical southern architecture. The imposing Gaylord centre reminded me of our Southeastern Conference Basketball Champonship this year. Unfortunately I could not spend the evening there to see the pubs come alive with music.

I got back on the road at around 2 pm. Yesterday was a display of patient driving - never going more than 10 above. And I actually saw cops pulling people over near Atlanta area in the old fashioned way - standing on the shoulders with radar guns and then jumping on to the cars to chase the vehicles down. Today it was sheer madness. I always found a bunch of cars ready to barrel down the highway - and it feels much safer to speed when you have company. Kentucky did not seem to have enforcement of any kind - and I was trying hard to restrain myself in Illinois - since I have a speeding warning here from almost a year back. So including all the stops and the breaks - reached here in less than 6 hours. It should be a lazy day tomorrow - with a just couple of hours drive to Fermilab later in the evening.

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