Wednesday, April 19, 2006

T +1 day

Normally after such a big occasion all you feel is emptiness. The expectation and the tension being built over for months is just gone in minutes. Nothing immediate to look forward to and nothing more to get excited about now. Utter peace proved to be so boring at times like this before.

But not this time. Even if I temporarily forget the irate Fermilab collaborator's email for the moment, today was hardly a lazy day. Since I am leaving for Fermilab sometime tomorrow morning and that too driving all the way up there - there were hundreds of stuff screaming for attention. The car repair shop inevitably came up with and incredible "estimate", and finally addressing just the immediate "safety concerns" was enough to push me harder into imminent bankruptcy. I had to grab some national championship memorabilia (read tees,caps etc) and like the national championship itself - they don't come cheap! I had to pay all the bills and plan how would I pay the next ones. I still have to redirect my mail to my temporary Fermilab address. And I have a pile of unanswered emails - I should get back to all these nice people sometime.

I found out a couple of our Jadavpur Physics seniors in Nashville. So thats probably going to be my first stop after long 9 hours. From Nashville, Urbana-Champaign is around 6 hours more - should be spending the weekend with my ex Jadavpur classmate and his his wonderful girlfriend. Fermilab is just a couple of hours from there - I am sure there will be too much to do even before I settle down!

(And all that means I would be online very erratically in next few days.)

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