Friday, April 21, 2006

Travelogue - Day One

Gainesville, Fl to Nashville,Tn.
Mostly I-75N to Chattanooga over Florida and Georgia, then I-24W over Tennessee. (Birmingham, Al was oh so near!)

Starting Mileage 90966
Ending Mileage 91568
Total distance travelled 602

Started just before eleven in the morning. The drive was largely uneventful till Macon, Ga where I found a Chinese buffet for lunch. Typical American-Chinese food with lots to choose from at a very affordable price. Atlanta downtown traffic, even with six lanes in either direction was crazily congested. Took me long to reach Chattanooga, Tn. I heard a lot about Chattanooga but my half an hour there was frankly a disappointment. There are nice views from the hill but I could not find a single overlook area where I could park my car and take a few pictures. Downtown seemed kind of dead - did not have enough time to explore the Tennessee Aquarium - but could not find even an open souvenir or gift shop. There were typical southern type big buildings - but all looked deserted. Its a small city - potentially scenic - but can do with better promotion and directions. It was a couple of hours from there to Nashville - the drive was scenic through mountains and valleys of Tennessee river. Its terrible weather here today - let me see how much can I explore "Music City".

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