Sunday, April 23, 2006

Travelogue - Day Three

Urbana,Il to Batavia, Il (Fermilab)

Starting Mileage 91956
Ending Mileage 92097
Total distance travelled 141

Today I took the road less travelled - instead of taking the freeway, I decided to travel straight up north via Illinois-47. Its slightly less distance, almost equal time, no tolls and I thought would be a lazier drive. But what I did not realize that one lane state highways are often clogged by slow traffic and the only way to pass them is to move into the opposite lane - which any time is a precarious maneuver. State highways do have a tendency to take weird turns and this was no exception. Central Illinois is pretty boring landscape wise, mostly barren land and occasional factory like structures. Anyway after two days of hectic driving and one day of rest, this two and half hour drive was like a stroll in the park!

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