Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Those Magical Moments!

[Note for those who are not familar with college sports here - These are big things unlike anything you see in India in terms of popularity, money and national prominance. And you have to refer back to the previous post to make sense of it all.]

Inside the O'Dome - the game is in progress on big screen

We win and its flags soaring high

Crowd getting wild with "gatorchomps"

Celebration Time!

Delirious with joy!

To the rest of the basketball world - here we come!

Our turn to be in the spotlight!

Me happy!

(I do apologize for the crappy photos. This is the best I could do in a raucous crowd with very low light.)


Woodsmoke said...

Hey! Nice pics. You have captured the mood of the crowd brilliantly.

dipthought said...

Thanks! Trust me - this is just the tip of the iceberg. According to unconfirmed reports - there were 30,000 people on the streets last night wildly celebrating!