Sunday, April 22, 2007

A box of Sardines and all that

Looking back now, I realize my family was a lot different from the others around us. May be it is because of their stay in United States and Britain. May be because they were actually different. Or perhaps, it was a combination of both. I had no way of knowing that then. Life in Siliguri back in eighties was very unlike what we see around us now. No store in out local market had a refrigerator - we had to travel an hour to the city proper to get such "basic necessities" like butter and cheese. And while there, we used to pick up other not so necessary stuff too. Like a pack of sausages or a can of baked beans. Or a box or two of Sardines.

Few people in the neighborhood had much idea about those non conventional food items, leave alone actually having them for lunch. But those lunches were really kind of like special occasions for my family, at least for my sister and me. We prodded our mother for weeks to open up that box of Sardine, and when that day finally came we would wait impatiently till the lunch hour and then fight bitterly to grab the slightly bigger piece. And when all that left were those empty tin boxes, we would wonder why we would not get more. The reason was simple though - they cost a fortune compared to regular foodstuff. They were a luxury in those days, and probably that is why we enjoyed those occasional special lunches so much.

How things have changed. I can grab those boxes of Sardines from local supermarket shelf so easily now. And it hardly takes five minutes to finish up a box and carelessly toss it away to trash. And it costs under a dollar, much less than most of other stuff. And, funnily, it hardly feels like anything special.

A monumental difference in living standards? A gradual change of mentality? Both perhaps. Or neither.

Epilogue: I am sure it sounds oh so nostalgic, is not it? However, someone gave me an entirely different perspective. Mutton was so easily available there - which is almost like a luxury here. So it has got to do as much with general food habit as much with the standard of living. Sounds pretty logical, I must admit. However, to me, those boxes still rekindle old memories, memories from those days, when it was so much easier to be happy. All that needed was a box of Sardines. Or two.


tuktuki said...

would you plz manage to send me a few tins...really its quite pricy here...can't afford :-(

dipthought said...

Moskora hoche? huh?

tuktuki said...

definitely not, sir.
i mean what i say.
do i have to prove it once again :-(

Nabila Zehra Zaidi said...

Yes you are right...happiness was so much easier then... now we just run after what we 'assume' is happiness....nice blog!!

dipthought said...

Thanks Nabila. I am a lazy blogger!

Anonymous said...

i really dont like tinned sardines.
but i get your point. Little things like bottled apple juice, pastries made us happy... oh childhood!!!