Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Indian Invasion

They move in groups,speak in hushed tones, often carrying maps. They appear horribly confused, giving weird looks to things around them and would spend hours at Walmart, staring at every "made in China" product, performing mental arithmetic. Yes you got me right - this is that time of the year and our pretty campus is invaded by Indian newcomers.

And then they would look for non smoker, non drinker roommates. Considering the fact that most of them are coming from some engineering colleges - I just cant believe everyone practised so much restraint. And after a few weeks they would hit the pubs at downtown. Hypocrisy at its best.

The biggest thing I hate about Indians is they are so judgemental and interfering. Its one thing if you have some ideas about how things should be - but its entirely unacceptable to expect everyone else to follow that. In USA you realize how fiercely independent and protective of privacy everyone is - and however you blame everything American for all the malices of the world (Why you are here then, anyway?) - you must appreciate the nicer things of the American way of life. You neither have the right to label me a bad human being if I eat beef and pork nor you can laugh at me if I watch "football". And most importantly - if I say I am busy this evening - you are not supposed to ask me in a conspiratorial tone what I am up to.

And its time to grow out of the labels - ABCD's are hardly a confused bunch of people. Somehow most of us tend to think that ABCD's are some sort of alien creatures with a massive identity crisis. Thats as far from the truth as it can be. Some of them are proper Americans for all practical purposes - some of them know Indian culture better than a lot of "convent-educated" snobs. Basically they are diverse bunch of people - gelling into the American society seamlessly - thats surely not their fault. I wish I can say the same thing for FoB's too - but so many of them are so determined to live as aliens and keep distance from the mainstream as if they are trying to create a spot of India here- I just cant do that. Its not about picking up the accent - although I would admit that helps - but about doing things the way the people do and expect you to. Unless we can do that - we would remain "outsiders"!

(P.S - I am technically an ABCD , effectively a FoB , so cant accuse me of bias!)


@lankr1ta said...

I wandered here from KattyKally's blog. And I so so so so so so agree!

dipthought said...

I have to thank her for bringing new readers to my often left-for-dead blog!

Kayjee said...

I don't remember you thanking me for this