Saturday, September 17, 2005

Go Gators

This is as big as it gets. An early season game featuring Florida and Tennessee with Southeastern Conference, possibly National Championship implications on the line. And when you throw in the fact that how Tennessee stole the game last year from us helped by some extremely poor referring - the plot thickens. The entire town is talking only football - and the student tickets are being sold at triple digit amounts.

This Florida team is much improved from last year's which almost won at Knoxville. Everyone loves talking about Meyer's offence - but defence has so far made big plays. And as long as we dont make stupid mistakes or turn the ball over - I'm sure this team wont suffer those infamous 4th quarter meltdowns - Leak should lead the gators to a memorable victory and give his Heisman aspirations a big push.

And did anyone notice what Ron Zook is doing this year? He has already lead fighting Illini to a 2-0 start (which is more wins than what they achieved in the their entire last season) and getting ready to battle UCLA this weekend!

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