Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Conversation!

A Few days back I had this online conversation with someone, who hails from Pakistan, of Kashmiri origin and goes to college in Gainesville.

Someone: just wondering... why do you hate Pakistan?

Deepak: Its nothing personal - I know the ordinary people are not to blame for this - but I feel that cross border terrorism in Kashmir is being instigated and helped by Pakistan government- and that doesnt appear very nice to me.

Someone: well again...I have read a lot of your "personal" statements.. and some of them...or I mean a lot of them are pointing to a normal citizen, its just sad to know how less of a knowledge u have abt Kashmir..I am a Kashmiri...and no I am not taking no sides (India or Pakistan) but its just not only Pakistan..as a matter of fact...mostly its Indian army who is doing the things that dont look nice to u!

Deepak: Thats the "normal" excuse...which I refuse to believe...in our land we have a right to do whatever we feel needed to eliminate terrorists... its hypocrisy at its best when Pakistan trained terrorists blowing up places and killing people is not considered as bad... its not physically possible for any army to get rid of terrorists "cleanly" - the inconvenience caused to the general population is unfortunate to say the least but unavoidable.

Someone: wow wow Deepak..wht do you mean by "our" land.. that aint your land...it not pakistan's either... its our... it belongs to us...and we want you and Pakis to leave...like right now... and Pakistan isnt training no body....wht do you have to say abt your "nice" ppl in Gujrat... I dont think that shit is happening to Hindus or Indians in Pakistan... no account of nothing like that... you are just not well informed... go and join PSA...u might learn something... also people are thinking abt opening KSA (Kashmiri student asso.) you can join that too... no one will stop you...unlike ISA...

Deepak: Religious fanaticism in any form is condemnable - what happened in Gujrat IS bad - unequivocally. But there is a reason why so many people support the BJP (and anti-minority one may add). Certain policies/laws practised by succesive goverments just lead to using the Muslim community merely as vote block - which definitely lead to repurcussions. I am ready to give you the details if you want.
Kashmir is definitely your land - since your are from that part - but its also part of a republic, namely India, whether you like it or not. India consists of people of vastly different ethnic/cultural groups - and I'm sure Kasmiris, irrespective of their religious affiliations would be welcomed into the mainstream.
About Pakistan supporting terrorism - well we are biased by our allegiance - a debate wont lead to anywhere.
As an aside - I get to hear a lot about how beautiful that place is. Someday I wish I would be able to visit it without worrying about getting shot. I also believe people are inherently nice and most of these political problems are caused by a small number of people looking to settle scores.
And I dont think one needs to join any "SA" to learn about things.I surely would want know more and thanks for your "help"!

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