Monday, January 09, 2006

Snippets from the trip

Okay, I must admit this. I am still suffering from hangover and driving under the influence of my last trip. So here are some random bits in random order!

Raking up miles: I had a brand new Chrysler PT cruiser to drive. How new? The sticker on the windscreen said purchased on the morning of the day I rented it and it had no number plate. Remarkably we were not pulled over once. (Even when consistently doing 100 in Arizona desert)
When I returned it - the mileage was almost 2500. If I had driven along eastern seaboard, I would have gotten to Boston and came back and still would not have driven that much.

Bangladeshis at work? This one caught our attention at Williams, AZ. Not even funny.
(No offence meant to anyone.)

Were we in USA or some American tourists around us in India? We came across Indians, Indians and more Indians ( our variety - not American Indians) everywhere. In restaurants , in Grand Canyon scenic points and even in Las Vegas shows! Imagine salwar-kamiz clad ladies looking at shows celebrating the "art of nudity"! (Photo by S.G - excellent work)

Zzyzx: On our way to Las Vegas, you come across this place. Except its name , I did not find anything remotely attractive about this.
(Photo by S.G)

Best Directions: Reaching Riverside, CA well past midnight - road work forced us to deviate from mapquest directions. We called our friend from a prominent intersection and heaved a sigh of relief when she recognized the place we are in. But then came the most astounding reply - she can only direct us to her home from there only if we can take her there!

I actually don't get this: Why after reaching a place like Grand Canyon, the first thing girls do is to walk into the gift shop?

Rout 66: All of us got pretty excited seeing "Historic Route 66". As it turned out - the person who got the most excited also had the least idea about why it is so historic!

Welcome to AZ: The roadside motel we checked in at Kingman, AZ had among other thing in the room - a car windscreen cover. Well , what else you expect in Arizona! ( I once heard a joke about how the best parking spots there are determined not by the distance from the building - but by if they are under a tree!)

Analogy of the trip: Someone said the bright lights and the hotel-hopping in Las Vegas reminded her of Kolkata Pujo.

Useless Trivia: Why they did not make the Eiffel Tower in "Paris" a full size replica? Because of the proximity to the airport.

P.S - And I actually won in Slot machine, $17.50 playing $4.

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tuktuki said...

who is afraid of being born on a 13th anymore ? surely you have broken the myth.
a brand new classy car... slot-winning,..wonder what are more in !
all the best you lucky one :-)