Monday, January 30, 2006

Just Updating!

Again another long hiatus. That really shows how lazy I am.

Anyway the start of the term when I would in all probability face one of the toughest academic hurdles on my way to PhD. I definitely taking its toll. That is not to imply that I am burning midnight oil to read up every relevent book and paper - which I am not - although I guess I should in not too distant future.

And something else happened in past week which is truly amazing. I attended the Physics department colloquium for the first time last Thursday. Yeah , that is after two and half years of being in here. Now before you start frowning in utter disgust and start suspecting how complete my Physics education has been - stop. I did go to innumerable High Energy seminars, helped finish the pizza in journal club meetings, slept through the graduate student seminars, and even presented my stuff in some symposium. Just that I have never been to the department colloquium - which apparently is more important for the socializing bit than Physics! Either way - weirdly enough - I always ended up having one of my teaching classes at the same afternoon slot on Thursdays - never allowing me to venture to the colloquium!

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