Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Of Sox , Wilma and the Goddess

Back after a long unforced hiatus. A graduate student's life always remains largely uneventful - but events of momentous magnitude are happening elsewhere.

Recap: After Boston's curse-breaking-run last year - its turn of Chicago White Sox this year - they cant possibly lose the World Series now.

We escaped Wilma's wrath being in North Central Florida - but the damage to South Florida was significant.

Gators lost in Baton Rogue in a game where our offence was non existent - and the season appeared all but over - but Georgia's QB injury is giving us a glimmer of hope before the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" (Yeah thats how annual Florida-Georgia game is referred to).

I planned to write something about the Orlando Durga Pujo, where we were a couple of weekends before. But then I realized - the traditional attractions of a Durga Pujo were overwhelmingly missing here - the Pujo part is highly non classical - the ambiance is utterly American and worst - hardly any female to attract my attention. The food was good - Khichuri in the afternoon and Luchi at night - so I wont really complain - but its more like a day out rather than a socio-religious occasion. Still I would applaud the fine people who put in so much effort to make this happen.

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