Monday, October 17, 2005

J.D.Park still #1

From Today's Telegraph -

The highest number of suicide deaths — seven — has occurred at Kalighat and Jatin Das Park stations. Central station has so far seen six suicide attempts and three deaths.

Phew! I always thought we, the proud passengers of Belgachia came second. I am actually surprised to see Kalighat rising up the ranks so fast - J.D.Park always has been a safe heaven for people jumping on the tracks. But I remember a Belagachia station employee saying proudly - we are number two. Things have apparently changed in last couple of years.

There is actually a method in madness. Its very obvious why J.D.Park tops the list. After the busy strech of central Kolkata Office goers- the footfall here is very small during the peak hours. And I dont know why - the people who commit suicide are always determined to harass maximum number of people - so they always choose busy office hours. And the overall ambience of J.D.Park is very encouraging - kind of dim lights - long platform with stairs at both end - and always quiet. But Kalighat or Central should not even be in the list by the same logic - where as Belgachia kind of fits in. But either way - I am so disappointed to see our position slip.

P.S - I actually witnessed a suicide in Rabindra Sadan station during 1994 soccer World Cup. I am absolutely sure I dont want be in a similar situation again.

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Mrs.Hobbit said...

Dude, you need to know that after a "period" i.e the "full stop", there should be a "space" before the first word of the next sentence ...hope you got it, or else we might have to write a blog along the lines of "Eats, Shoots and Leaves"...