Sunday, August 28, 2005

Miami Trip: A Wrap Up

Day 1: Driving a minivan is so cool. You sense the feel of power, the taste of authority over those little cars! Started early from Gainesville, reached Orlando by noon, picked our friends up, had a nice Indian lunch and headed for Miami. After an immensely uneventful drive for a couple of hours or so - things started to get exciting. The crazy traffic at Miami on I95 is something you need to see to believe. The drive over the bay is nice though - taking you to the Miami shores across from the city. Spent the first evening in looking for parking , settling down at our crazy little guest house, and having good Cuban food for dinner. Called it a night early.

Day 2: The plan was to start early for the scenic drive to Key West. As it happens with so many people (there were 8 of us) it got a little late. Also the car developed slight problems - so we had to make a detour through Miami Airport to exchange the offending car. So we ended up being to hungry even before midway - stopped at this wonderful "Fish House" in Key Largo. Then went for the glass bottomed boat ride over the Coral Reefs - I been to similar rides before - but its always an experience. Again hit the road at late afternoon - reached Key west just around sunset - and unfortunately missed a goo view of that. But in the morning some of us did manage to catch a glimpse of beautiful Miami sunrise over Atlantic - so no regrets on that count. Drove back to the hotel after having dinner at one of those typical Key West seaside eateries.

Day 3: Friday in Miami!Unfortunately a thunderstorm was threatening the beach - and had to leave early. But thats not before we accidentally landed up in the Gay section , got drenched in rain and a had decent season of "people watching" (No offence - even the lonely planet guidebook lists that as one of the things to do in Miami!). Miami beach is unique in the sense that for a mile or so into the sea - the depth remains practically constant - one can just walk into the sea without getting hit by hard waves (unlike Daytona - which has a wild sea!). Had to hit the pubs at night. Landed up in this pub - and after having a good many tequila shots - one guy got too drunk - and was escorted out by the bouncers and then we had a tough time getting him back to the hotel without things getting too bad. Some experience!

Day 4: Drove to Key Biscayne - climbed atop the wonderful lighthouse there. The ride back was anything but uneventful though.

P.S - Miami trips have a history of throwing some surprises and intimate developments. I got a feeling that this one was no exception.

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