Friday, August 12, 2005

Coke or Pepsi?

If you have seen those annoying pop ups saying "vote for your favourite drink and a win a $50 gift card" lately , I assure you its not about that. If winning fifty bucks was that easy - I would not have been staring at my huge credit card debt now. But thats another story altogether.

And frankly I dont care about this cola war. The TV advts were sometime funny - but thats all about it. I drank Slice and Mazza while I was in India without any specal preference to either. I grew up when MNC's were still not allowed - and the market was ruled by Thumbs-Up, Limca and Gold spot - before the first two were taken over and the third died.

I must confess that Limca was an awesome drink to have with Vodka. It just gelled so well. Same goes for Thums Up and Rum. I dont know if that adds to their market value. I have a close friend working at Coke - I should ask her someday.

When I was at Coke HQ in Atlanta - they let you taste coke and a host of other beverages from host of other countries. After a while - they all tastes the same. May be thats what they want to prove. Or do they?

Anyway after a multimillion (or is it billion) dollar deal with Pepsi - our campus is being taken over by them. All the coke vending machines are being uprooted and carried away. The campus Wendy's has stopped serving Coke products. And all these while people maintain that Pepsi is gross. Whose drink is it anyway?

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tuktuki said... know you could tell them about 'dollas' aka ju milondaz and also 'kolakola'...remember?