Sunday, July 24, 2005

10 questions newcomers ask and the answers they deserve!

Q. What are my chances of getting an aid?
A. None.Zero.If you were that good - you would have received one anyway.

Q. How do I fill up the DS form(s)?
A. Are you illiterate? Cant you read the instructions?

Q. Can you pick me up if I not land in the airport there?
A. Why not.Why dont you ask me to pick you up from your home?

Q. How many bags I should take? (Or BA is allowing an extra bag , can I take one on Delta too?)
A. Do I look like a travel agent/airline official to you?

Q. These are my scores - what are my chances for admit?
A. Oh those are your scores? I thought you copied and pasted the line from somewhere.

Q. I cant find this book in India.Should I must buy it there?
A. Why are you coming here again?

Q. Are the health tests mentioned mandatory?
A. There must be a reason why they took care to prepare the form and send it to you.

Q. I need a veggie , non smoker , non drinker roomie with no late night parties.
A. Just stay at home.

Q. How can I get SSN from here?
A. Let me know if you find a way.It would be so useful.

Q. Will it be a problem if my application reaches after the deadline?
A. Not at all.It just might end up in the waste paper basket.They talked about "deadline" right?

Added later - Q. Do I need to bring a years supply of essentials?
A. If you think you are coming to an uncivilized part of the
world - dont forget a tent.

P.S - If you come across another equally "dumb question" - share it please!

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Munmun said...

hehe... hmm, really true!i dont understand why such bright students despite having such good admits frm good univs end up asking such dumb Qs!!!Qs abt filling tht DS form is terrible really; in the worst case if he/she is filling a field *wrong*, the officials at the consulate ll ask him/her to correct it!! so simple!thr's absolutely no point in indulging in those worthless panic...
anyways, dip, i guess this is a ventilation of ur *limit* of patience to answer those queries of the newbies... chill...