Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The mandatory "Football" post!

The best thing about fall is undoubtedly football. And for a school like ours, the defending national champions, the expectations are immense. On a day which saw that historic upset loss of Michigan, our offence looked mostly sharp, Tebow showed that he can throw, and pretty accurately too. The young defense needs more work to be ready for the gruelling SEC schedule, but after losing almost all the starters, we always knew that would be the area of concern.

This would probably my last football season as a Gator. Amazing how fast time flies.

And still staying with football, for those who does not appreciate how big its down here. Quoting one of the ESPN (or was it SI) columnist - I loved these lines.

The quality of life in the South is dependent upon good college football. Local economies, race relations and collective psychological health all would suffer without it. Sweet tea would not be as sweet. Fried chicken would not be as crispy. Country songs would be even sadder. If SEC football were mediocre, the South might as well be back in Reconstruction.


Dhoritri said...

Now officially a part of Longhorns support team, by virtue of being in UT I could relate with the para you quoted. I had to walk 15 mins more today because of a match. EVERYTHING is arranged around the match.

dipthought said...

A bad bad day for all of us today. Longhorns lost, so did we.