Tuesday, June 05, 2007

First Glance of Europe: Picturesque Geneva

The famous "flower clock".

The giant "water-jet" rising from lake Geneva.

City Streets.

And city artwork!

Bird's eye view from an old church tower.

Mountains on the other side.

A game of Chess!

Modern side of Geneva.

Food served with "patriotism".

And the all familiar suggestion.


Dimitra said...

Amazing!! I will keep track of your blog :)

Dhoritri said...

This is so amazing...I wish I see all these places with my own eyes as well..I liked the third one a lot..also the last graffiti..how is this trip happening ? Haw many days ? Self funded ?

dipthought said...

Thanks Dimitra and Dhoritri.

I must mention I'm here for this:

I was lucky to get a chance to visit the city before the school started. Now its all work and no play.