Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A couple of gems from Indian media

I was pleasantly surprised to see Indian mainstream media covering NFL draft - since just a few months back I was frustrated looking for college national championship game live telecast. For the uninitiated, draft is where the professional teams select players from college teams. Here is the screenshot from NDTV's website. Looks all good, but wait! What is with that black and white soccer ball?

If that sounds too American-ish to you, here is one from our own Telegraph. This is a a letter to the editor in today's edition, right at the top.

Loo and behold
Sir — Even if every Indian household was to be provided with plush toilets and running water, it is doubtful if Indians would ever stop urinating and defecating in the open (“After trillion, target No. 2”, April 28). The reasons are historical and biological. The high fibre-content in Indian meals and the water intake, owing to the hot and humid climate, make Indians defecate more frequently than their Western counterparts. Indians also suffer from perpetual stomach ailments because of the inferior quality of potable water. As they cannot live in the comfort of their homes throughout the day, nor use public toilets as and when required, they often need to relieve themselves in the open. The sight of people defecating along railway tracks in the morning is distasteful no doubt. But one should remember that most occurrences of cracks in the railway track (caused by contractions in the metal because of changes in temperature) are reported by these people, thus saving lives and railway property.
Yours faithfully, Tapan Pal, Batanagar

Here is the link, for those who actually think I can create a masterpiece like that.

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