Monday, March 26, 2007

Predictable Life

We are in the last week of March already. Where have these months gone? But a lot have happened in last few months, and a lot more promises to happen in coming months. And considering the predictably unpredictable life I have. that is indeed exciting.

Florida Gators won yet another SEC championship in basketball moving close to yet another national championship. History will tell us that we were fortunate to see one of the greatest college basketball teams in our campus. (And after India's pathetic show in the cricket world cup, "tournament" in my vocabulary means the "March Madness", thank you).

I almost stayed in Gainesville during the spring break, which is almost blasphemous in my standards. Partly because I could not find any companion for that dream cross country road trip of mine and partly because I was hoping to save some money for the yet uncertain summer trips. Oh well, I did went to Savannah, GA for a couple of days and enjoyed the St.Patrick's day festivities (this small sleepy so southern town claims to have the second largest parade, and which may be true!). Some of those photos are in my Picasa album. (And although I never got a chance to sit down and write about my India trip, those photos are there too).

Speaking of photos, I cannot resist another opportunity to blow my own trumpet. Two of my photos ended up getting recognized in photo contests, the first one got an "honorable mention" at the "Global Culture Photography Contest" organized by University of Florida International Center and the second one got a $20 cash prize in a more informal one hosted by the Department of Housing.

Otherwise, it has been a pretty predictable life.

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