Saturday, December 23, 2006

My India Travelogue: Part 1 of 5

I have planned a five part description of my ongoing India trip. Here is the first part.

Part 1: Gators in the National Championship game, me missing Gainesville!

When I boarded the flight to Milan from John F Kennedy airport in New York City, UCLA held a surprising lead over USC late in their game. The implication were pretty clear - if Florida beats Arkansas in SEC Championship game, they would have a reasonable chance of climbing up to number two in B.C.S rankings to be released next day and face an unbeaten Ohio State for the National Championship game. The stakes could not have been any higher, and me after following the college football so
passionately for the entire season, was I devastated to miss the game. There were no live TV in the Al Italia flight, and so I had to wait till reaching Milan to know that we played probably our best game of the year to beat Arkansas, and UCLA has indeed knocked off USC. I tried calling me friend in Gainesville, he never picked up the phone, since he was out in the streets partying late night. And I was already missing Gainesville.

Next day, it happened. Florida sneaked past Michigan in the final ranking and we were Glendale, Az bound. Our first national championship game in ten long years. After all the frustrations and heartbreaks of Ron Zook era,the tough wins and the never say die attitude which symbolized this team over the gruelling SEC season- it seems this team is destiny bound for greater glory. I wonder how many teams have both the basketball and football national championships at the same year?

Go Gators.

Still to come -
Part 2: A tourist in my own country, exploring Agra, Jaipur and Jaisalmeer.
Part 3: Reached Kolkata, home sweet home.
Part 4: Siliguri, A frantic trip down the memory lane.
Part 5: Kolkata, fantastic food, old friends.

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