Monday, October 09, 2006

Six and oh, baby!

So the first time since 1996, our football team has started the season with six consecutive wins and no losses. How big is that? We don't know yet. But if history is offers any pointer, the last time, ten years back, we won the national championship. It can be that big.

They are saying it was as loud here as they have seen it ever in the swamp on last Saturday. I was a part of that ninety thousand plus impossibly intense crowd, which surely played a part in softening up a very good LSU football team. It was a a scrappy game at best, but we would any day take an ugly win in this conference. And that's what I like about the this team, they are finding a way to win even when things are not exactly going their way. We missed that in last few years with a string of demoralising last minute losses. Florida football is back, and this time its for real.

Somehow the four game deadly stretch, which everyone felt would be impossible for us to get out alive from, is not looking that lethal. Auburn with its one dimensional running game would be perfect for out defense and Tennessee clearly showed Georgia has no defence. The road to Tempe,AZ ( for the national championship game)would have to pass through Atlanta (for the SEC championship game) though.

Go Gators!

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