Sunday, December 11, 2005

Eight and counting !

Just randomly searching for Gainesville in , I came up with eight Gainesvilles in continental United States. In case you dont believe it, here is the screenshot -

But note - we are the only one having an airport. Although I would prefer not going into that in details!

Next : Try searching for Springfield!


piyali said...

you might want to turn on your settings to "Anyone can leave a comment" instead of just registered users. I wanted to highlight just how great the only Gainesville airport is, but I had to sign up to do that.

Well, the GNV airport is smaller than bus stand outside Howrah Station.

dipthought said...

Thanks for your suggestion. The reason I did not have it is because I am afraid of the "bots".

We all know that GNV is small - and would have loved to have a bigger one - but as they say , things are improving. Two new airlines in last year - and more often that not, fares are
competitive now. Being just a university town , can you expect more?